The IoT Backbone

METR's IoT Backbone is an infrastructure for tenement buildings and public facilities. It works like a digital backbone, which interconnects smart devices and technical systems of different producers through the building. Connectivity for everything!

Core Components

The IoT Backbone consists of multifunctional gateways, software components and a cloud infrastructure. Both new and existing devices, such as meters and sensors, can be seamlessly integrated into a centralised system. The data can then be read out remotely and effortlessly.

This technology enables new digital applications and services for property owners and property managers!

Technology and strategy partner

METR helps the housing industry leverage innovative technologies to bring tenement housing into the 21st century.

We understand the current climate and challenges of the tenement housing industry. As experts in the field of IoT, submetering, building automation, and tenement housing, we partner with you to develop bespoke solutions to these challenges whilst creating new services and revenue streams for property owners and property managers.

Data protection and security are at the core of our company values. Thus we follow EU & German data protection laws at every step of our process and certify according ISO 27001 and ISO 27018. We guarantee our clients their sovereignty over their data.


Janitor 2.0
Fill levels (oil, waste)
Predictive maintenance
Route safety
Smart access to building
Ambient assisted living
Intrusion detection
Mold detection
Emergency notifications
Smart smoke detector
Presence simulator
Smart control of heating systems
Smart home device control
Integration of smart devices/systems
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For property owners and property managers
Digitalize your processes

The IoT Backbone lays the foundation for the future digitalisation: it enables access to all kinds of potential digital applications we are yet to see.

Gain independency from vendors

Don't set yourself to a single technology for the future. Our open system allows you to freely choose among different vendors and producers.

Energy optimization

Reduce energy costs by up to 30% by automatically and remotely steering the building central heating systems through artificial intelligence.

Save Costs

Multiple digital applications of the IoT Backbone allow you to save costs through process optimization.

Create new business fields

Generate additional revenues from digital services for tenants, AAL applications or use cases in the field of building management and building automation.

Keep sovereignty over your data

The data belongs to you and you decide how it will be used. METR is in charge of its protection and security. We follow EU & German data protection laws and certify according ISO 27001 and ISO 27018.