CEO Dr. Franka Birke speaks at the Handelsblatt “Jahrestagung Energiewirtschaft”

On January 23rd, our CEO Dr. Franka Birke was invited to partake in the „25th Handelsblatt Jahrestagung Energiewirtschaft“, or the 25th Handelsblatt Annual Meeting on the Energy Sector. In a panel with Martin Herrmann (Vorstand Innogy SE) and Malte Kalkoffen (CEO READDY GmbH), Franka shared her perspective on how startups and corporates can collaborate more effectively to achieve innovative goals, despite differences in pace […]

METR Reaches the Degewo Innovation Competition Finals

We were shortlisted from among 74 startups to pitch at the prop-tech innovation competition entitled “Smart Up The City 2017”, held at Telefónica BASECAMP. The competition, organised by one of Berlin’s leading housing associations, degewo netzWerk GmbH, unveiled promising new business models and technologies in the areas of real estate management, energy supply, building automation, […]