M-Gate 1.0

The multifunctional and multi-utility gateway of the real estate sector.

The first step towards a multifunctional gateway

The M-Gate is a modern, robust, and secure gateway with high performance and numerous functionalities. A hardware master piece that allows for a wide range of applications beyond submeterering. A myriad of new services in the field of building automation and digital property management become possible with only one gateway!

Specifically for applications involving tenants' data, the M-Gate is specially reliable and secure. And in the submetering field, it delivers high performance and more functionalities than current market solutions.

The M-Gate reads common submetering network nodes via wired/wireless M-Bus. Technicians can integrate it to existing submetering systems, or build a complete submetering network with OMS-meters.

Submetering data can be read out at any desired point in time, ad-hoc or automatically. Additionally, the data transmission is secured with an end-2-end encryption.

A free additional software tool allows for remote device monitoring and remote management of M-Gates and network nodes. That way, the user can always check the status of devices, receive automatic errors messages and fix these from their desktops. 

  • Open system gateway for wired and wireless M-Bus/ OMS
  • Further communication standards can be integrated through over-the-air updates upon clients' request
  • Reads common submetering network nodes via wired/wireless M-Bus
  • Error monitoring and remote device manager for M-Gate and network nodes
  • Over-the-air updates
  • Data transmission only encrypted (end-2-end)
  • Data transmission at any desired time
  • Connects up to 3000 meters