Independent & data driven
IoT applications
for the housing industry

Independent & data driven
IoT applications
for the housing industry

Independent & data driven
IoT applications
for the housing industry

The metr solution

We develop a future-oriented complete solution for the digitalization of your real estate. It consists of our multifunctional gateway (m-gate), a powerful platform, and a portal specially adapted to the needs of our customers.

All building data is combined in one place via:
a multiprotocol gateway
an intelligent platform
one portal for all applications.

metr’s applications


Safe and modern remote reading of water and heating consumption

building management systems
Remote monitoring of technical building equipment

The remote monitoring tool for technical Building equipment

connected use cases
Smart Building Solutions

Further digital solutions for the housing Industry are in development (e.g. smart locks)

smart building


metr’s gateway, the m-gate, is the heart of our IoT solution. It is a versatile data collector that routes data from various radio protocols within a building to a secure receiver.
Our gateway makes it possible to work across manufacturers and divisions. It can be easily integrated into existing ERP systems.

  • Cross manufacturer

  • Multifunctional

  • Multiprotocol capable

IoT platform


Our platform collects information from a wide variety of sources, regardless of the technical devices, systems or providers from which the data originates.
The data received is processed, analyzed and abstracted on the platform. Information obtained from raw data is made available for individual evaluation purposes.

  • Expandable:
    metr applications

  • Expandable:
    third-party applications

  • Unique data sovereignty

  • Data security

Portal applications


Our portal provides all relevant information in a clear and user-friendly way on a dashboard. One can receive all the necessary information about the building bundled in a single interface.
Remote readings are possible at any time or can be configured periodically. Required data from the remote readout are available at any time upon request.

  • Multifunctional

  • User-specific

  • Remote monitoring


Property management of the future

metr’s solutions provide building managers and property managers with insights into the operating status of the technical building services equipment (BMS) of their properties. They can react promptly to failures of the building services equipment. With this new data transparency, building managers can Keep their tenants. Consumption can also be determined quickly and individually.


In collaboration with you, we develop individual solutions for the housing industry!

»Various IoT applications will be introduced into the properties of housing companies, or are already being introduced today: monitoring of energy generation systems, measuring devices, elevator monitoring, wirelessly maintained or networked smoke media, and various types of sensors. To avoid installing a separate communication system for each application, it makes sense to use a universal communication structure such as metr. The development partnership with metr enables us to incorporate our own application requirements into the development process and make them available to other housing companies.«

Ulrich Jursch, Managing Director of degewo netzWerk GmbH

»As an integrated measurement and service provider, we have found a partner in metr that offers us the flexibility we need to avoid having to commit ourselves today to the services and technologies of tomorrow. metr forms the basis for us to connect all buildings with each other and to connect and efficiently use both the core business of submetering and all third-party applications.«

Robin Schwarz, Managing Director ServiceHaus Service-GmbH

Our Partners

March 2020

Buildings equipped with a m-gate
Measurements carried out


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