Develop Your Career as You Grow with metr

Develop Your Career as You Grow with metr

Our Mission

metr revolutionises the way buildings will be managed and maintained in the future: efficient, user-friendly, easy to handle, networked and data-driven. We integrate different solutions into one central system, enabling our customers to be more flexible by working across manufacturers and exploiting synergies. We involve the user in the product development process from the very beginning.

We make real estate fit for the future and connect building technology. This eliminates typically costly on-site technical diagnoses and those responsible for maintenance can use their knowledge to make the right decisions quickly, minimizing downtime and informing tenants in a timely manner.


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Our Vision and Values

metr wants to simplify the way people live and work in buildings with its solutions. This includes the residents, but also the employees of facility management companies.

Customer Orientation: We act in a customer-oriented manner by knowing the needs, expectations and wishes of our customers and incorporating these into product development.

Collaboration: We achieve our goals together by supporting each other and by knowing and using the personal strengths of each individual.

Open Mindedness: We treat other cultures, religions, opinions and problems with respect and reamin open to creative and novel solutions and ideas.

Sustainability: We feel obliged to act in an environmentally and socially responsible manner because we are responsible for future generations.

The metr values are composed of customer orientation, collaboration, open mindedness and sustainability.

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Management Team

Samuel Billot


Focus: I develop the product management process, develop use cases and ensure that our products are user-friendly.

Tools: Realtime Board, Sketch, dashdash

Personal Highlights: Involving customers in determining their business potential, aligning product applications with measurable revenue creation and cost reduction, and co-designing the user interface and user experience.

Dr. Franka Birke


Focus: I enjoy leading metr and representing the company externally.

Tools: Pitch, CRM, interactions with customers, investors and the public.

Personal Highlights: Discussions with customers; receiving positive feedback on our ideas and solutions from customers and partners in the real estate industry; celebrating milestones achieved with a supportive team; everyone is an expert in their field and makes a significant contribution.

Dénes Honus


Focus: Understanding our clients’ major and minor problems and solving them efficiently with the help of the whole team.

Tools: Personal conversations, telephone calls, presentations, CRM.

Personal Highlights: Seeing long-term satisfied customers become ambassadors of our mission, presenting products in front of an (expert) audience, discovering potentials for product enhancements or new developments together with our customers.

Auf dem Foto ist Maximilian Thumfart zu sehen.

Maximilian Thumfart


Focus: To build a strong team that loves facing technical challenges.

Tools: From personal conversations over whiteboards down to the linux console.

Personal Highlights: To inspire teams and develop scalable software solutions that thrill customers.

Tech Team

Thiago Garcia Da Silva

Senior Software Developer/
Tech Team Lead

Focus: I develop and improve the m-gate and the web platform.

Tools: Python, Django, TDD, Screwdriver

Personal Highlights: Improving current software to be more reliable and easier to maintain, Python implementation of the OMS protocol, new hardware/Linux kernel learning processes.

Flavio Amieiro

Senior Software

Focus: I develop the software that we run on our m-gates and on our web platform.

Tools: Python, Django and Linux

Personal Highlights: Working on the overall system to solve the problems we find; sometimes I have to go to the hardware level, sometimes data has to be analyzed. I get the opportunity to participate in the whole development process.

Building Management Systems IoT

Amine Rhouma

Full Stack
Software Developer

Focus: I implement the user interface for our applications: remote monitoring and smart submetering.

Tools: TypeScript, Angular, e2e, Unit Test

Personal Highlights: Working with customer feedback and integrating new user experiences to improve the usability of our applications.

Sven Bestvater

Hardware Developer

Focus: I develop the hardware and accompany the deployment for our m-gate.

Tools: Altium Designer, Eagle CAD, Atmel Studio, Visual Studio

Personal Highlights: Observing how new ideas come to life via products which meet a real-world need and don’t end up in a drawer.

IoT Team

Sascha Hausmann

Data Scientist

Focus: I elicit data’s secrets.

Tools: Python, SQL and of course Google, because Google knows everything.

Personal Highlights: Feeling welcome at metr from the first second onward.

Alina Cucu

Software Engineer

Focus: Involved in all things backend, supporting the development of the web platform and the m-gates.

Tools: Python, Django, TDD.

Personal Highlights: I believe in communication among people and teams above everything else. I like being able to contribute to optimising processes and to be inspired by work and colleagues.

Marketing, Partnerships and Operations

Victoria Berndt

Director Marketing & Communications

Focus: I market metr’s products on all relevant channels and would like to inspire our customers with our innovative solutions.

Tools:Network, personal conversations & phone calls, mind & eyes

Personal Highlights: To be part of a dedicated and diverse team, where everybody is an expert in their field and contributes passionately to the success of the company.

Isabelle Noack

Online Marketing

Focus: My goal is to make metr known and popular in the online world. In doing so, I focus on our customers and their needs.

Tools: LinkedIn, GoogleAnalytics, CMS and fun with word acrobatics.

Personal Highlights: To participate in the digitalization of real estate in an agile technology company. And a Google ranking on page 1.

Charline Holmela

Marketing Trainee

Focus: I support the marketing team in all matters and help to further establish metr in the real estate industry.

Tools: LinkedIn, GoogleAnalytics, CRM.

Personal Highlights: To be in an agile PropTech startup, where each individual tries to bring the real estate industry into the digital world with innovative solutions.

Yannick Bollhorst

Director of

Focus: Together with our partners we develop solutions and business models which we bring to completion with the whole team.

Tools: Personal talks, presentations, business model thinking, CRM

Personal Highlights: Long-term partnerships that make a “difference” and have a positive effect on our environment and the way we work. Recognize potential and really put it into practice with our partners.

Michaela Zwiebel

Project Manager Public Funding, HR & Accounting

Focus:  I manage projects in the field of public funding, HR and accounting.

Tools: CMS, project management tools.

Personal Highlights: Working with the great people at metr; establishing and maintaining contacts with our external partners.

Michael Lehmann

Michael Lehmann

Senior Operations Manager

Focus:To ensure the quality of metr’s services, I take care of the definition and optimization of operational processes in the areas of purchasing, production, installation and maintenance of our IoT gateways.

Tools:I enjoy the self-organization possibilities in Microsoft Outlook, I like to work with customized dashboards and feel that talking to each other is more effective than writing emails. A tool that should not be underestimated is a healthy feedback culture.

Personal Highlights: Respect boundaries, live out freedom and then achieve success with and for the team.

Joinin metr, How It Works

First, we invite you to an online video-call, where you’ll get a first impression of metr.

To get an idea of how you work and see how you approach problems we assign you a task related to your future position. This will give you an idea of the kinds of problems that we solve at metr.

Meet metr
Finally, we invite you to our office so you can see how we work.

Open Positions

Can’t find the right position for your qualifications and experience, or are there currently no open positions listed? We would still like to get to know you. Simply send us an open application through our career portaland tell us why you’d make a great addition to the metr team.