Our Partners

Our Partners

Digitising the Housing Industry, Together

Our goal is to drive the digitisation of the housing industry through innovative solutions. To this end, we are constantly developing our technology together with experienced partners from the real estate and energy industry. Become part of this exciting process and benefit directly from the use of our solutions!

Logo der Next Big Thing AG
Next Big Thing AG (NBT) is the leading venture studio and early-stage investment company for the Machine Economy that co-founds deep-tech ventures with aspiring founders to deliver real-world impact. As a shareholder, Next Big Thing AG supports metr with mentoring, financing and engineering know-how.

degewo netzWerk GmbH is a specialist for digital infrastructures and modern measurement services. It is a subsidiary of degewo, Berlin’s leading housing construction company. metr and degewo netzWerk GmbH are collaborating through a research & development partnership on the development of a multifunctional, cross-manufacturer and cross-sector gateway, as well as on three digital applications in the field of Smart Buildings.

Together, metr and ServiceHaus Service-GmbH are working on efficient, smart building solutions and new digital services in the field of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT). ServiceHaus is a subsidiary of GBG Mannheim, the largest municipal housing association in Baden-Württemberg. ServiceHaus is a shareholder in metr.

Logo der ELMATIC GmbH

The partnership with ELMATIC complements our service portfolio and enables us to offer our customers even more comprehensive solutions. Our cooperation partner ELMATIC takes over the installation, maintenance and interference suppression of the metr solutions in the buildings on site. With its locations throughout Germany, the company ensures prompt order execution and fast reaction times in the event of a fault.

SMS Messtechnik is an independent measuring service provider for the acquisition of consumption data from remotely readable measuring systems. Right from the start, SMS Messtechnik has been supporting metr with its industry know-how in the development of submetering solutions and the execution of hardware and pilot tests.

Gwadriga is a full-service provider for the handling of Smart Meter Gateway administration and measurement data management. With Gwadriga, metr tests the data flows of the metr gateway with a Smart Meter Gateway via a CLS interface.

Logo Grünwald
gruenwald electronic GmbH is an innovative EMS service provider focused on the assembly of electronic modules using state-of-the-art production technology. gruenwald is metr’s reliable partner for the production of multifunctional m-gates.

Comgy is a measurement service provider for the digital measurement, visualization and billing of heat and water consumption. Together, Comgy and metr develop intelligent consumption billing solutions in the area of submetering and metering services.

Logo von EMnify

EMnify’s IoT & M2M Connectivity Management Platform enables companies to connect devices worldwide, manage implementations and control products and services. With the help of EMnify we are able to provide our customers with IoT solutions that are scalable and secure. Especially the multi-provider capability ensures a stable connection between our gateways and our building management platform.

Logo Lansen mit Slogan
Lansen Systems AB is a European hardware provider focused on submetering and wireless solutions. Repeaters and sensors from Lansen are used in metr solutions. Due to the close coordination between metr and Lansen, the production and installation processes interlock seamlessly.

metr is supported by ProFIT project funding and by funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The aim of the project is the development of a multifunctional gateway, which is compatible with different radio protocols and enables the connection of different systems in a residential building by using artificial intelligence and IoT interfaces.

Siegel des Stiferverbandes

metr participated in the sample survey conducted by the Stifterverband on research and development (R&D) in German industry in spring 2020. The Stifterverband is the joint initiative of companies and foundations which is the only one to provide holistic advice, networking and support in the fields of education, science and innovation. The R&D data collected on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research serve the Federal Government as an important basis for the further development of its economic, innovation and technology policy.

metr is a member of the Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e. V. (Federal Association of German Startups). The association and its members are committed to a founder-friendly and innovative start-up ecosystem in Germany. It organises debates on central issues of this self-confident start-up ecosystem and puts them on the political agenda.

metr is a participant in Deutsche Telekom’s TechBoost Startup Program and receives a credit balance of 100,000 euros for the Open Telekom Cloud. The Open Telekom Cloud is a public IaaS product of Deutsche Telekom, managed by T-Systems.

Logo des Bitkom
metr is a member of the Get Started Initiative of Bitkom. Bitkom is the digital association of Germany. Founded in 1999, today it represents more than 2,700 companies in the digital economy, among them well over 1,000 medium-sized companies, over 500 startups and almost all global players. Bitkom and is strongly committed to the digitalization of business, society and administration.

metr is a participant in the KPMG Venture Matching Smart City Program*. The program offers practical workshops with experts and gives participating start-ups access to the KMPG network.

*The Venture Matching program is a platform for start-up coaching and liaison; it does not include audit, assurance, due diligence or other services that require KPMG’s assessment of the participant’s financial information or other quality criteria.

metr is a member of the German PropTech Initiative e. V. The GPTI brings together representatives of the German PropTech scene and offers them a public platform. With a combination of networking and media attention, the association aims to increase the awareness of digital business models in the real estate industry.

metr is part of the Green with IT initiative. The aim of the network is to provide qualified expertise from the building, housing, energy and heating industries, information and communication technology and IT security. This should contribute to the development of new innovations, to the further need for research and to the opening up of new markets for IT-supported applications and mobile applications.

Logo der apti Austrian Proptech Initiative

metr is a member of the Austrian PropTech Initiative. The apti (short for Associates – PropTechs – Investors) was founded to secure the digital future of the Austrian real estate industry in Austria and in international competition. Innovation and digitalisation are the turbo of the traditional industry. The mission of apti is to promote this potential, which is little used in Austria, and to network all relevant participants for this purpose.