The Cornerstone for the Digitalisation of Your Buildings

The multifunctional m-gate (metr IoT gateway) enables you to receive data from any building sensor regardless of the manufacturer and the technology used. It is the key to your consumption data.

Illustration einer Frau und metr m-Gate

Digitise Your Properties with metrs Universal IoT Infrastructure

metr’s IoT infrastructure functions like a digital backbone that connects technical systems from different manufacturers. Both new and existing devices such as meters and sensors can be seamlessly integrated into a central system. The data can then be read out remotely at any time.

The key component of the IoT infrastructure is metr’s innovative multifunctional gateway – the m-gate. It currently supports the following protocols and standards: M-Bus, wired M-Bus, OMS, Modbus and BACnet and has expandable radio and cable interfaces. Thus it can be easily integrated into existing as well as future systems.

All data is transmitted directly or time-controlled via a protected Internet connection from the multi-protocol capable gateway to the metr platform for technical building equipment. The m-gate has a wide range of interfaces. For secure and reliable data transmission it can, for example, use the built-in GSM module (4G/LTE). Updates can be installed remotely.

Bild metr m-Gate

metr Installation App

The metr installation app was developed specifically to make the commissioning of our IoT gateways as easy as possible for our customers and cooperation partners. It makes it easier for service technicians to set up the m-gate after installation or when troubleshooting the devices. It guides you step by step through the installation, offers the possibility of function testing and ensures complete documentation. This ensures that you have a reliable overview of which gateway is installed in which property.

Simple Connection to a Smart Meter Gateway

Housing associations are not legally obliged to use an expensive Smart Meter Gateway for submetering.

In addition, a Smart Meter Gateway comes up against technical limits with regard to the amount of encrypted data it is allowed to read (legally prescribed 15-minute readout). For this reason, the use of another gateway, such as the m-gate, in addition to submetering is necessary for data transmission for other residential applications or value-added services.

Should housing associations nevertheless decide to use a Smart Meter Gateway for submetering, they can use metr’s m-gate to cover all other housing applications. The connection to a Smart Meter Gateway is intended. The data transmission is carried out via the CLS or LMN interface.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Plug & Play Installation

  • Multi-functional

  • Non-proprietary
  • High Data Security
  • Multi-protocol Capable

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