Since July 2019, METR has participated in TechBoost, Deutsche Telekom’s competitive startup program.
As a successful participant, METR will receive a credit of EUR 100,000 for the Open Telekom Cloud and can take advantage of discounts on Telekom products and tariffs as well as sales and marketing support from Telekom.
The Open Telekom Cloud is a public IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) product of Deutsche Telekom, managed by T-Systems. The use of standard hardware as well as standardized and automated processes makes it possible to offer cost-effective IaaS for the European market. Operating exclusively in German data centers, T-Systems as a German provider fulfills all relevant security requirements and regulations for the operation of secure IT services.

Mladen Miljic, METR’s CTO, is enthusiastic about participating in the TechBoost program:
“For METR, it’s great to be able to take advantage of Telekom’s various offerings without having to look at the budget. In the area of machine learning, computing power is fundamental. The Telekom program gives us the freedom to test various Telekom services for our technical developments.”