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Our goal is to advance the digitization of the housing industry through innovative solutions. Together with our experienced partners from the real estate and energy industries, we are constantly developing our technology further. Become a part of this exciting process and benefit directly from using our solutions!

Degewo netzWerk GmbH is a specialist for digital infrastructures and modern measurement services. It is a subsidiary of degewo, Berlin’s leading housing construction company. metr and degewo netzWerk GmbH are collaborating through a research & development partnership on the development of a multifunctional, cross-manufacturer and cross-sector gateway, as well as on three digital applications in the field of Smart Buildings.

Next Big Thing AG from Berlin is Europe’s leading IoT and Blockchain Company Builder. As a shareholder, Next Big Thing AG supports metr with mentoring, financing and Engineering know-how.

GBG Mannheim is the largest municipal housing company in Baden-W├╝rttemberg. metr and ServiceHaus, the subsidiary company of GBG, are working together on efficient, smart building solutions and new digital services in the area of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT). The ServiceHaus is a shareholder in metr.

SMS Messtechnik is an independent measuring service provider for the acquisition of consumption data from remotely readable measuring systems. Right from the start, SMS Messtechnik has been supporting metr with its industry know-how in the development of submetering solutions and the execution of hardware and pilot tests.

Gwadriga is a full-service provider for the handling of Smart Meter Gateway administration and measurement data management. With Gwadriga, metr tests the data flows of the metr gateway with a Smart Meter Gateway via a CLS interface.

Comgy is a measurement service provider for the digital measurement, visualization and billing of heat and water consumption. Together, Comgy and metr develop intelligent consumption billing solutions in the area of submetering and metering services.

As a successful participant, metr will receive a credit of EUR 100,000 for the Open Telekom Cloud and can take advantage of discounts on Telekom products.

The Open Telekom Cloud is a public IaaS product of Deutsche Telekom, managed by T-Systems.


Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) is the development bank of the state of Berlin. It supports metr with funds from Pro FIT project funding and the European Regional Development Fund.

The goal of the project is the development of a multifunctional gateway, which is compatible with different radio protocols and allows the connection of different systems in a residential building through the use of artificial intelligence and IoT interfaces.

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