metr Portal

metr Portal

Accessing Your Building Data

metr’s web applications give you access to your building data. Depending on the chosen solution, you can get an overview of your installed end devices, read the consumption data of your tenants or the condition of your systems from a distance.

Explore the Full Potential of Your Data

With the help of metr’s web applications you gain detailed insight into your building data. Manage your installed devices and use scheduled or impromptu remote readout. For example, you can detect installation errors or decreasing meters at a glance, allowing you and your team to act promptly.

The web applications are available to you either as a desktop or mobile version without installation. You will receive regular status messages directly in the application or, if required, conveniently by email.

The portal has been developed specifically for the specific requirements of the housing industry. It allows access to current and historical data for various user groups. For this purpose, role- and task-specific information is provided with dashboards, reports, lists and map displays. All relevant data for a specific user group (e.g. technicians or account managers) of a company is visible at a glance. The information can be exported and processed directly from the portal. Common data formats such as Excel, CSV or XML are supported. The customer portal is monitored and maintained remotely.

Unlock Full Potential

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