In an intensive workshop we refined our product strategy, which consists of developing intelligent applications in the area of Smart Buildings and a building management platform. Maite, Mladen and Franka were supported by Markus Andrezak, a product development expert.
Markus has more than 15 years of experience in the development of Internet products and prior to founding overproduct worked as a permanent employee or service provider for a wide range of companies (e.g. eBay, AOL, Scout Group, MyHammer). He now shares his experience and ability to grasp things quickly and get to the point with startups.
Markus’ feedback now flows into METR’s product development. It was an asset for METR to work with him.
Also in October, METR’s ordinary shareholders’ meeting took place.
METR’s Advisory Board, which now includes Erna-Maria Trixl, Dieter Berndt and Harald Zapp, was elected at the shareholders’ meeting. We are happy to have such well networked experts at METR’s side.