Remote monitoring of technical building equipment

Further Smart Building applications


With the interoperable and multi-protocol capable metr gateway (m-gate), meters, sensors and measuring devices can be read remotely in real time, independent of the respective service provider or the technology used. The following items can be monitored:

  • Heat cost allocators

  • Heat meters

  • Water meters

  • Gas and electricity meters (if desired)

The networks and nodes of existing building systems and technical installations can be easily integrated and maintained across manufacturers. Thanks to the modular expandability of the m-gate, it is also equipped for future developments.

If required, the meter readings are automatically recorded at a desired date or period of time, and transmitted to the open metr data platform via secure and encrypted communication channels.

In each case, data sovereignty lies with the respective housing company. The metr platform guarantees its integrity and protects data in accordance with European law.


Portal: Configuration of Gateways

remote control

Heating installation


Portal: Overview of service disruptions in the properties

Anlagenwächter – German for “Gatekeeper for technical systems”

Remote monitoring of technical building Equipment (TGA)
With the plant monitor, the current status of important technical plants and systems can be determined remotely at any time and used for targeted maintenance and repair. We monitor heating systems, hot water systems, lifts, smoke hoods and heat extraction hoods. The system monitor can be easily integrated into existing systems.
Sensors for the following physical quantities are supported:

  • Temperature (heating, hot water)

  • Contact (door, smoke detector)

  • Movement (passenger elevator)

  • Vibration (rotating machine – pumps, ventilation, roller shutters)

  • Pressure (heating, hot water)

  • Electricity (electrical consumers – light, pumps, installations)

Remote monitoring and maintenance of gateways and network nodes takes place via your portal.
metr provides you with an infrastructure that you can expand as you wish. metr integrates various applications on a single user interface, independent of manufacturer and protocol.

Simple integration into existing systems.

smart building

Further Smart Building Applications

metr enables the integration of third-party solutions (e.g. intelligent access systems, predictive maintenance of lifts).
The possibility of integrating data from third-party providers on the metr platform and in the metr portal eliminates the need to switch between different applications from different manufacturers. This simplifies work processes and increases employee productivity.

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