Smart Submetering

Smart Submetering

Optimize Your Processes with Our Submetering Solution

With our submetering solution you can remotely read meters, sensors and measuring devices used in your residential properties in real time, regardless of manufacturer. This allows you to provide your tenants with reliable data on their consumption at any time.

Manufacturer-Independent Remote Reading

EED-Compliant Delivery of Consumption Data

Integration Into Existing Billing Software

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Scheduled and impromptu remote meter readings from different manufacturers

  • Independent of proprietary systems
  • Early detection of installation errors and defective measuring instruments
  • Increased data quality and availability through plausibility checks of meter data
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How Our Submetering Solution Works

Submetering refers to the recording and proportional billing of the various consumption meters in residential buildings. Our digital submetering solution enables you to carry out simple remote readings that make access to the residential units obsolete. This reduces your organisational and time expenditures for metering services considerably.

With our interoperable and multi-protocol capable m-gate, the following meters, sensors and metering devices can be read remotely in real time, regardless of the service provider and the technology used:

  • Heat Flow Meters

  • Heat Cost Allocators

  • Cold Water Meter

  • Hot Water Meter

  • Smoke Detectors

Our m-gate currently supports the following protocols: M-Bus, wired M-Bus, OMS, Modbus and AMR and has expandable radio and cable interfaces.

Our Submetering Process

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Our Submetering Service Packages

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„As an integrated measurement and equipment service provider, we have found in metr a partner who offers us exactly the flexibility we need so that we do not have to commit ourselves today to the services and technologies of tomorrow. metr forms the basis for us to network all buildings with each other and to connect and efficiently use both the core business of submetering and all third-party applications.“

Robin Schwarz | Managing Director, ServiceHaus Mannheim GmbH

Das Foto zeigt Elmar Burgard, den Geschäftsführer der Stadtwerke Werdau GmbH.

„After successful completion of our first joint pilot project in the field of submetering, we are enthusiastic about the metr solution. With metr we have found a partner who, as a municipal utility, offers us the opportunity to prepare ourselves for new business models with an open mind for the future.”

Elmar Burgard | Managing Director, Stadtwerke Werdau GmbH

„Various IoT applications will find their way into the properties of housing companies, or are already doing so today: monitoring of power generation plants, measuring devices, lift monitoring, radio remote controlled or networked smoke detectors, sensor technology of various kinds. To avoid having to install a separate communication system for each application, it makes sense to use a universal communication structure such as that designed by metr. The development partnership with metr enables us to incorporate our own application requirements right from the development stage and make them available to other housing companies.“

Ulrich Jursch | Managing Director, degewo netzWerk GmbH

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Good to Know – Background Information About Our Submetering Solution

Existing networks and their connection points to your existing building systems and facilities can be integrated and maintained easily and across manufacturers. The modular expandability of the m-gates means that you are also equipped for future developments.

Meter readings are automatically recorded on the desired cycle date or, if required, as consumption information during the year and transmitted to the open metr building management platform via secure and encrypted communication channels.

Depending on your needs, you can then view the collected data in your personal dashboard or have it transferred directly to the billing software. In either scenario the data’s sovereignty lies with the respective housing company or building manager. The metr building management platform guarantees integrity and data protection according to European law.

Icon Datensicherheit

At metr, data security and data protection take a high priority. All data is encrypted using state-of-the-art technology. You can find out what measures we take to ensure the security of your data within the framework of our submetering solution on this page.

Ein Icon mit einem stilisierten Heizkörper

The metr portal was developed for the specific requirements of the housing industry. All data relevant to submetering is clearly displayed and is also available for export. Find out more about our portal on this page.

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The multi-functional m-gate makes it possible to collect the necessary information for submetering. It can receive data from any building sensor, regardless of manufacturer and technology. Learn about its functionality and installation on this page.

Challenges for the Housing Industry

Digitisation does not stop at the real estate industry. With the amended Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and the constantly growing sustainability awareness of tenants, the requirements for metering service and building management solutions are also changing. However, the dependence on proprietary systems makes it more difficult for the housing industry to choose the options with the best price-performance ratio. In addition, there is often a lack of transparency about how the meters work. The solution lies in the digitalisation of building management. Innovative digital submetering technologies offer the housing industry not only transparency of its building data but also immense potential for reducing energy consumption and costs.

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