Digitize residential buildings with our IoT Infrastructure!

metr’s IoT infrastructure works like a digital backbone, interconnecting building management systems of different producers throughout the building. Both new and existing devices, such as meters and sensors, can be seamlessly integrated into a centralized system. The data can then be read out remotely and effortlessly. A key component of the IoT infrastructure is metr’s innovative multifunctional gateway.

One IoT infrastructure for the housing industry – many applications

smart building


The interoperable m-gate (metr gateway) makes it possible to receive data from any building sensor regardless of the manufacturer and/or technology used. It supports all common wireless and wired protocols. You can integrate our m-gate into both existing and future systems.

Legally, housing associations are not obliged to use an expensive Smart Meter Gateway for submetering.

In addition, a Smart Meter Gateway reaches technical limits with regard to the amount of encrypted data it is allowed to read . It is a legally presuribed 15-minute interval. For this reason, in addition to submetering, the use of another gateway such as the m-gate, is necessary to transmit data for other residential applications or value-added services. If housing associations nevertheless decide to use a Smart Meter Gateway to perform submetering, they can use metr’s m-gate to cover all other housing applications. The connection to a Smart Meter Gateway is provided. The data transmission takes place via the CLS interface.

All data is transmitted directly or in a time-controlled manner via a protected Internet connection to the metr platform. The m-gate has various interfaces. For example, it uses an installed DSL/ cable connection as well as a built-in 4G module and LTE module. Remote updates can be installed or – depending on the application – actuators can also be switched on.


Data integration takes place on the scalable platform, where the data received is processed, analyzed and abstracted.
The platform is open for the connection of proprietary third-party systems such as industry-specific ERP or CRM applications.
It has a powerful rule-based evaluation logic (Machine Learning) that allows for reliably determining the operating status of technical systems. In the event of deviations, appropriate measures can be initiated automatically.
The sovereignty over the data lies with our customers.
Features included:

  • High availability

  • Safe

  • Scalable

  • Guaranteed and unambiguous data sovereignty

  • Customer segregated data storage

  • Connection of third-party systems

  • Standardized interfaces

  • Powerful API

IoT platform
Portal applications


The portal has been developed specifically for the requirements of the housing industry. It allows access to current and historical data for various user groups. Role- and task-specific information with dashboards, reports, lists and maps are made available to meet this purpose.
So all relevant data for a certain user group (e.g. technicians or account managers) of a company are visible at a glance. The information can be exported and processed directly from the portal. The following data formats are supported: CSV, XLS or XML files.

The customer portal is monitored and maintained remotely.


Preview portal for submetering and remote monitoring of technical equipment

Easy to install

  • Install the metr gateway in the technical room

  • Connect the Internet cable

  • Finished!

  • The connection with all devices and sensors is automatic

  • Fast and reliable


System security and data protection are top priorities at metr. We guarantee them.

metr offers you security and data protection through:

1. The quality of our products – everything is “Made in Germany”.
2. Targeted protection of our devices (firewalls, automated updates, certificates and individual passwords)
3. Secure and encrypted data transmission (VPN, HTTPS)
4. Clear separation of building and personal data
5. User authentication according to current standards
6. Redundant storage of all data

The platform complies with the provisions of data protection under European law (GDPR).